May 13th, 2022

Conservatives must pay it back

When Doug Ford said he “wasn’t too happy when I found out” that seven of his own MPPs used their riding associations as personal ATMs to pocket over $120,000 in allowances from their donors, he refused to do anything and instead will let them off the hook.

The Conservatives must pay it back.

The NDP thinks the PCs don’t need the cash and the $120,000 should go to Ontario charities.

The NDP will immediately fix it by banning these allowances, unlike the Conservatives who say they’ll set up a committee to study the problem they created.

Amounts taken by Conservative MPPs since 2018:

Lisa McLeod - $44,427
Kaleed Rasheed - $23,000
Greg Rickford - $18,640
Rudy Cuzetto - $10,815
Amy Fee - $10,750
Andrea Khanjin - $6,500
Vincent Ke - $7367

TOTAL - $121,499

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